Halloween Printable

Happy Friday everyone!

Can you already feel the spooky atmosphere in the air as Halloween is slowly creeping up on us?
To prepare you for the occasion we created these awesome coffin printables so you can store all your frightful little keepsakes.
We wish you a scarily fun time crafting these little boxes!


Meet the Team

Our Meet the Team continues on this lovely, cold Autumn day and we’d like you to meet Gabriela our Marketing and Design Assistant. She’s lending a helping hand to both the marketing and product design team, is responsible for a big part of our social media output as well as artwork amends. One day Gabriela will float in her little bubble to southern Africa with her hubby in tow to travel all over the place… but until then she spends her time crafting little pop-up and paper creations to bring her illustrations to life.Lucy dino 1

Meet The Team

It’s yet again time for another ‘Meet The Team’ introduction! This week we’d like you to meet Megan. She’s a busy bee as the Marketing Manager here at MK and has her fingers in several pies from client relations to design management, website and catalog development as well as photography.
Outside of Meadow Kids Meg is into yoga, a great fan of the #britshbakeoff and a talented drawer when she puts pen to paper. If she could have one magical item she’d opt for a cupcake gun to shoot cupcakes attached to little parachutes all over the place. For this idea she deserves a whole lot of thumbs up!Meg

Pin Wheel Printable

Yay it’s finally Friday and I hope you all have something nice planned for these precious 2 free days!
However, if you have some time to spare why not try yourself at creating these lovely pin wheels we prepared for you? Have fun and don’t be shy to post a picture of your finished creation our way!
Download your template from the pics below or go to our website: http://www.meadowkids.com/kids_zone.asp

Meet The Team

Say hello to this week’s ‘Meet the Team’ volunteer Chris! He helps to grease the wheels in the operations room by assisting in quality control and safety conformity across Meadow Kids and also gets stuck into technical product development.
Outside the meadow Chris is rocking tunes on his guitar when he’s not busily studying the Italian language ‘Ciao come stai?’ and if he could click his finger and be anywhere else he’d be exploring the intoxicating streets of Naples right now.chris

Meet The Team

‘Meet The Team’ continues with our lovely Beth, the newest member in the Meadow Kids family. She worked for one year in Madrid as a sales analyst (olé !) before she found her true calling here with us as a busy sales executive.
Beth loves cycling but preferably when it’s not so freezing outside and has a passion for baking, cooking and all things foodie. So we’re already looking forward to her treating us to some delicious home-made cake 🙂 Welcome to the team!Beth